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p2Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLHéctor Joaquín Fraire Huacuja, Alejandro Santiago Pineda, Johnatan E. Pecero, Bernabé Dorronsoro, Pascal Bouvry, José Carlos Soto Monterrubio, Juan Javier González Barbosa, Claudia Gómez Santillán: A Comparison Between Memetic Algorithm and Seeded Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Independent Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Machines. Design of Intelligent Systems Based on Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Nature-Inspired Optimization 2015: 377-389
p1Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLAlejandro Santiago Pineda, Héctor Joaquín Fraire Huacuja, Bernabé Dorronsoro, Johnatan E. Pecero, Claudia Gómez Santillán, Juan Javier González Barbosa, José Carlos Soto Monterrubio: A Survey of Decomposition Methods for Multi-objective Optimization. Recent Advances on Hybrid Approaches for Designing Intelligent Systems 2014: 453-465
j1Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLJesús David Terán Villanueva, Rodolfo A. Pazos Rangel, José Antonio Martínez Flores, Mario César López Locés, Daniel Enrique Zamarrón Escobar, Alejandro Santiago Pineda: Hybrid GRASP with Composite Local Search And Path-Relinking for the Linear Ordering Problem with Cumulative Costs. IJCOPI 3(1): 21-30 (2012)
c1Electronic Edition CiteSeerX Google scholar BibTeX bibliographical record in XMLJohnatan E. Pecero, Héctor Joaquín Fraire Huacuja, Pascal Bouvry, Alejandro Santiago Pineda, Mario César López Locés, Juan Javier González Barbosa: On the energy optimization for precedence constrained applications using local search algorithms. HPCS 2012: 133-139

Coauthor Index

1Juan Javier González Barbosa[p2] [p1] [c1]
2Pascal Bouvry[p2] [c1]
3Bernabé Dorronsoro[p2] [p1]
4Daniel Enrique Zamarrón Escobar[j1]
5José Antonio Martínez Flores[j1]
6Héctor J. Fraire H.
Héctor Joaquín Fraire Huacuja
[p2] [p1] [c1]
7Mario César López Locés[j1] [c1]
8José Carlos Soto Monterrubio[p2] [p1]
9Johnatan E. Pecero[p2] [p1] [c1]
10Rodolfo A. Pazos Rangel[j1]
11Claudia Gómez Santillán[p2] [p1]
12David Terán Villanueva
Jesús David Terán Villanueva


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