IEEE CLOUD 2011: Washington, DC, USA

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Research Tracks

Cloud Analysis

Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Cloud Performance

Application Management in the Cloud

Data Distribution in the Cloud

Cloud Security and Monitoring

Workload Management in the Cloud

Data Scalability in the Cloud

Elastic Cloud

Cloud Applications

Energy Efficiency in the Cloud

VM Management

Applications and Experiences Tracks

Integrity in the Cloud

SLA Management in the Cloud

Streaming Computing in the Cloud

Cloud Security

Migration to the Cloud

Cloud Scheduling

Storage Cloud

Cloud Application Deployment

Performance Modeling in the Cloud

Cloud Provenance and Management

Industry Tracks

Case Study in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud

Cloud Applications

Elastic Resource Provisioning

Engineering Cloud Applications

Governance in the Cloud

Data Storage Management

Cloud Analysis

Work-in-Progress Tracks

Performance in the Cloud

Management in the Cloud

Security and Scalability in the Cloud

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