5th AAAI 1986: Philadelphia, PA

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AI and Education

AI Language and Architectures


Automated Reasoning

Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge Representation


Natural Language


Vision and Signal Understanding

Invited Talks

Raymond Reiter: Survey: On Default Reasoning.

Barbara J. Grosz, C. Ray Perrault: Survey: Natural Language Communication With Software Systems.

Gerald DeJong: Survey: An Overview of Explanation-Based Learning.

Kenneth D. Forbus: Survey: Qualitative Reasoning: Past Present and Future.

Tomás Lozano-Perez: Invited Talk: The State-of-the-Art in Robotics and Vision.

Daniel G. Bobrow: Invited Talk: Integrated Programming Paradigms.

Bruce G. Buchanan: Invited Talk: What's Doable in Knowledge-Based Systems?

Howard Schrobe: Invited Talk: Symbolic Computing - Where We Are and Where Are Going?


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