AFIPS Spring Joint Computing Conference 1972: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

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Implementation of programming language processors

Frontiers of large-scale scientific computation

Training commercial programmers and systems analysts

Software design for the mini-computer

Techniques for developing large programming systems

Mathematical optimization theory and algorithms

New theoretical frontiers of computer science

The ARPA network

Programming languages for specialized application areas

New trends in the architecture of computer systems

Computers in instruction---some considerations

Operating system design concepts

Graphic terminals---present and next states

Formal analysis of algorithms

The computer in government---a tool for change

Interactive systems

Data communications---the past five years and the next ten years

Manpower for computers---heyday or cutback

Microprogramming enters a new ERA

Performance prediction---modeling and measurement

LSI perspectives---architecture and cost of small computers

Computer simulation as a decision maker's tool

The dilemma of installation management

An evaluation of the state of computer science education

Scientific computation---the social sciences

Programming for process control and real time applications

ACM prize papers in programming languages and systems

A spectrum of memory storage systems, now and in the future

Graphic software

Computers in secondary education

LSI perspectives---design automation: design and simulation

Developments in biomedical computer technology

The implementation gap in management information systems

LSI perspectives---the boundaries of computer performance

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