AFIPS NCC 1973: New York, NY, USA

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Delegate society session: the Association for Computational Linguistics

Delegate society session: Society for Information Display

Delegate society session: Association for Computing Machinery

Delegate society session: Special Libraries Association

Delegate society session: Association for Educational Data Systems

Delegate society session: society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Delegate society session: the Society for Computer Simulation

Delegate society session: IEEE Computer Society

Delegate society session: Instrument Society of America

Performance evaluation

Network computers---economic considerations---problems and solutions

Associative processors

Automated project management systems

Tutorial on resource utilization in the computing process

Information networks---international communication systems

Intelligent terminals

Trends in data base management

Conversion problems

Virtual machines

Computer-based integrated design systems

Academic computing at the junior/community college---programs and problems

Storage systems

Natural language processing

Discrete algorithms---applications and measurement

Applications of automatic pattern recognition

Ingredients of pattern recognition

Advanced hardware

The growing potential of mini/small systems

A graduate program in computer science

Cryptology in the age of automation

Design and development of application packages for users

A day with graphics: graphics applications I

A day with graphics: graphic applications II

Satellite packet communications

Views of the future---I

View of the future---II