24th ASP-DAC 2019: Tokyo, Japan

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University design contest

Real-time embedded software

Hardware and system security

Thermal- and power-aware design and optimization

Reverse engineering: growing more mature - and facing powerful countermeasures

All about PIM

Design for reliability

New advances in emerging computing paradigms

Design, testing, and fault tolerance of neuromorphic systems

Memory-centric design and synthesis

Efficient modeling of analog, mixed signal and arithmetic circuits

Logic and precision optimization for neural network designs

Modern mask optimization: from shallow to deep learning

System level modelling methods I

Testing and design for security

Network-centric design and system

Advanced memory systems

Learning: make patterning light and right

Design and CAD for emerging memories

Optimized training for neural networks

New trends in biochips

Power-efficient machine learning hardware design

Security of machine learning and machine learning for security: progress and challenges for secure, machine intelligent mobile systems

System level modelling methods II


Algorithms and architectures for emerging applications

Embedded software for parallel architecture

Machine learning and hardware security

Memory architecture for efficient neural network computing

Logic-level security and synthesis

Analysis and algorithms for digital design verification

FPGA and optics-based neural network designs