16th AAMAS 2017: São Paulo, Brazil

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Keynote Presentations

Session 1A: Computational Social Choice 1

Session 1B: Computational Game Theory & Mechanism Design 1

Session 1C: Logics 1

Session 1D: Novel Applications in Safety and Security

Session 1E: Constraint Reasoning

Session 1F: Engineering Agent Systems

Session 2A: Fair Division and Cooperative Game Theory

Session 2B: Assignment and Matching Problems

Session 2C: Negotiation and Virtual Agents

Session 2D: Agent-Based and Social Simulation

Session 2E: Multi-Robot Coordination and Swarm Robotics

Session 2F: Learning

Session 3A: Computational Social Choice 2

Session 3B: Computational Game Theory & Mechanism Design 2

Session 3C: Logics 2

Session 3D: Planning

Session 3E: Virtual Agents

Session 3F: Transportation and Routing

Session 4A: Computational Social Choice 3

Session 4B: Computational Game Theory & Mechanism Design 3

Session 4C: Judgment Aggregation and Argumentation

Session 4D: Novel Applications in Smart Grids and Mobility

Session 4E: Networking and Communication

Session 4F: Teamwork, Coordination, and Cooperation

Session 5A: Computational Social Choice 4

Session 5B: Logic & Game Theory