20th CCS 2013: Berlin, Germany

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Session 1-A: trusted systems

Session 1-B: how crypto breaks

Session 1-C: malware

Session 2-A: passwords

Session 2-B: control & information flow

Session 2-C: storage security

Session 3-A: oblivious RAM and oblivious computation

Session 3-B: anonymous channels

Session 3-C: protocol analysis & synthesis


Session 4-A: network security

Session 4-B: critical infrastructures

Session 4-C: attribute-based encryption

Session 5-A: programming securely

Session 5-B: secure multiparty computation

Session 5-C: formal methods

Session 6-A: mobile security issues

Session 6-B: randomness

Session 6-C: hardware security

Session 7-A: web attacks

Session 7-B: privacy-preserving protocols

Session 7-C: systems' attack mitigation

Session 8-A: secure outsourcing protocols

Session 8-B: privacy models

Session 8-C: be aware & beware


Session 9-A: crypto tools

Session 9-B: audit & code randomization

Session 9-C: mobile privacy

Session 10-A: graphics, vision & security

Session 10-B: authentication

Session 10-C: privacy issues

Session 11-A: web and code security

Session 11-B: crypto symbolic analysis

Session 11-C: security/cryptographic utilities

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