10th CIKM 2001: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Session 1: Similarity Search

Session 2: Clustering

Session 3: Query Processing

Session 4: Pattern Mining

Session 5: Text Extraction and Summarization

Session 6: World Wide Web

Session 7: Semistructured Data

Session 8: Distributed Information Retrieval

Session 9: Query Optimization

Session 10: Collaborative Filtering and Algorithms

Session 11: Sequence Mining

Session 12: Corpus Linguistics

Session 13: Potpourri

Session 14: Data Warehouse

Session 15: String Match and Text Extraction

Session 16: Classification

Session 17: Similarity Measures

Session 18: Mobile Computing

Session 19: Association Rule Mining

Session 20: Multimedia Information Processing


Session 1: Knowledge Management: Organizing What You Know

Session 2: Text Summarization and Question Answering

Session 3: Data Management: Beyound the Traditional


Session 1: Data Access and Knowledge Management

Session 2: Information Retrieval and Text Mining


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