13th CIKM 2004: Washington, DC, USA

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DB-1 (databases): data integration

IR-1 (information retrieval): information retrieval models

KM-1 (knowledge management): clustering I

DB-2 (databases): data streams

IR-2 (information retrieval): web information retrieval

Posters P-1

DB-3 (databases): data mining

DB-IR-1 (databases and information retrieval): indexing and query processing effiency

Posters P-2

IR-3 (information retrieval): fusion of retrieval systems

KM-2 (knowledge management): clustering II

DB-4 (databases): similarity search

IR-4 (information retrieval): machine learning in information retrieval


DB-IR-2 (databases and information retieval): web and XML text search

IR-5 (information retrieval): information retrieval applications

DB-5 (databases): potpourri

IR-KM-1 (information retrieval and knowledge management): text mining

Industry track

DB-6 (databases): XML query processing

IR-6 (information retrieval): digital libraries

KM-3 (knowledge management): knowledge extraction

IR-7 (information retrieval): natural language processing for IR

KM-4 (knowledge management): distributed knowledge management

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