7. CISIS 2013: Taichung, Taiwan

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The Seventh International Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS 2013)

Session 1: Ad-Hoc and Cognitive Radio Networks

Session 2: Web and Internet Computing

Session 3: Vehicular and Sensor Networks

Session 4: Cloud and Cluster

Session 5: Fuzzy-Based Systems

Session 6: Multimedia Systems

Session 7: Mesh Networks

Session 8: Medical Applications

Session 9: Telecommunication Systems

Session 10: Trust Management

Session 11: Data Storage and Scheduling

Session 12: Mobile and Wireless Networks

Session 13: Secure Systems

International Workshop on Advances in Cooperative COmmunications, Relaying, and Distributed MIMO (ACCORD 2013)

Session 1: Protocols and Algorithms for Cooperative Wireless Relay Networks

Session 2: Innovative Cooperative Communication Technologies

The Third International Workshop on Adaptive Learning via Interactive, Collaborative and Emotional Approaches (ALICE 2013)

Session 1: Adaptive and Collaborative Learning

Session 2: Emotion Awareness and Personalized e-Learning

The Seventh International Workshop on Engineering Complex Distributed Systems (ECDS 2013)

Session 1: Distributed Systems and Applications

The Sixth International Workshop on Engineering Parallel and Multi-core Systems (ePaMus 2013)

Session 1: Real-Time Systems

Session 2: Engineering Parallel and Multi-core Systems

The Second International Workshop on Hybrid Cloud Computing Infrastructure for E-Science application (HCCIEA 2013)

Session 1: Hybrid/Cloud Computing Infrastructure for e-Science Application

The Third International Workshop on Intelligent Context-Aware Systems (ICAS 2013)

Session 1: Advances in the Design and Application of Context-Aware Systems

Session 2: Application of Context-Aware Systems

The Second International Workshop on Intelligent Computing In Large-Scale Systems (ICLS 2013)

Session 1: Large-Scale Systems

The Sixth International Workshop on Intelligent Informatics in Biology and Medicine (IIBM 2013)

Session 1: Intelligent Informatics

The Sixth International Workshop on Intelligent Interfaces For Human-Computer Interaction (IIHCI 2013)

Session 1: Intelligent Interfaces

Advanced Interaction in Mixed Environments

International Workshop on Intelligent Services with Communication Technologies (ISCT 2013)

Session 1: Intelligent Services

Session 2: Network Services and Applications

International Workshop on Sustainable Education and Information Management in Tourism and Hospitality (SEIMTH 2013)

Session 1: Social Responsible Tourism

Session 2: Strategic Development of Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Session 3: Multi-disciplined Issues Related to Rural Tourism and Tourism Education

The Fifth International Workshop on Virtual Environment and Network-Oriented Applications (VENOA2013)

Session 1: Innovative Applications I