DATE 2010: Dresden, Germany

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Keynote Addresses

Embedded Tutorial - Embedded Systems and their Physical Environment - The 'Cyberphysical' View

Power-Aware Technique for Real-Time Systems

System Level Design of Multicores

Reliability, Simulation, Yield and Enhancement

Advances in Embedded Software Development

Memory Stacking and Cooling Solutions


Green and Emerging Technologies for Low Power

Game-Changing Technologies for System Des

Application Development for Multicores

Advanced System Chip Testing

Real-Time Scheduling in Embedded Systems

Architectural Techniques for Robust Design

HOT TOPIC - AUTOSAR and Automotive Software Design

Interactive Presentations

Variability Aware Low Power Design

Performance Estimation and Runtime Management of MPSoCs

Application of Reconfigurable and Adaptive Systems

Wearout and Process Variation Mitigation and Modelling

Model Based Design of Embedded Systems

Extraction and Model Order Reduction


Automating Verification with Simulation, Properties and Assertions

Power Optimization and Estimation for Flash and CMOS Technologies

Automotive Systems: Mastering Complexity and Uncertainty

Embedded Tutorial - Adaptive Testing

Virtualization Technologies

Variability Reliability and Thermal Trade-Offs for Low-Power Design

Interactive Presentations