DSN 2015: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Best Paper Award Session

Session 1A: Large-Scale Systems

Session 1B: Attack Mitigation

Session 1C: Modeling and Metrics

Session 2A: Secure Execution

Session 2B: Storage Systems

Session 2C: Web Services

Session 3A: Data Clusters, Servers and Clouds

Session 3B: Attack Prevention

Session 3C: Modeling and Assessment

Session 4A: Mitigation of Hardware Faults

Session 4B: Mobile Devices

Session 5A: Network Security and Consensus

Session 5B: Memory Errors

Session 6A: Fault Tolerance

Session 6B: Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation

Session 7A: Assurance of Complex Systems

Session 7B: Preventing Memory and Information Leakage

Workshops Summary

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