European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI)

Venue Information

  • has part: Knowledge Management for Health Care Procedures (K4HelP)
  • has part: Knowledge Representation for Health-Care (KR4HC)
  • has part: Workshop on Ontology Learning (OL)
  • has part: International Workshop on AI for Privacy and Security (PrAISe)
  • has part: East European Workshop on Rule-Based Applications (RuleApps)
  • related (Co-located with): Starting AI Researchers' Symposium (STAIRS)

EurAi - European Association for Artifical Intelligence

24th ECAI 2020: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

23rd ECAI 2018 / 27th IJCAI 2018: Stockholm, Sweden

22nd ECAI 2016: The Hague, The Netherlands

21st ECAI 2014: Prague, Czech Republic

20th ECAI 2012: Montpellier, France

19th ECAI 2010: Lisbon, Portugal

18th ECAI 2008: Patras, Greece

17th ECAI 2006: Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy

16th ECAI 2004: Valencia, Spain

ECAI 2004 Home Page

15th ECAI 2002: Lyon, France

14th ECAI 2000: Berlin, Germany

Ontology Learning Workshop

13th ECAI 1998: Brighton, UK

12th ECAI 1996: Budapest, Hungary

11th ECAI 1994: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10th ECAI 1992: Vienna, Austria

9th ECAI 1990: Stockholm, Sweden

8th ECAI 1988: Munich, Germany

7th ECAI 1986, Brighton, UK

6th ECAI 1984: Pisa, Italy

5th ECAI 1982: Paris, France

4th 1980 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3rd AISB/GI 1978: Hamburg, Germany

2nd AISB 1976: Edinburgh, UK

1st AISB 1974: Brighton, UK

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