22nd EDOC Workshops 2018: Stockholm, Sweden

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Adaptive Case Management and Other Non-Workflow Approaches to BPM (AdaptiveCM 2018)

Session 1: Declarative Approaches to Business Processes

Session 2: ACM for Healthcare

Session 3 : Filling the Gaps (Left by Other Approaches)

Session 4 : Systems-Based Approaches to Business Processes

Models and Techniques for Situation-Aware Enterprise Computing (MTSEC 2018)

Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering (SoEA4EE 2018)

Session 1 : Enterprise Architecture: Planning and Evolution for Providing New Services

Session 2 : Mastering Enterprise Architecture

Session 3 : Enterprise Architecture: A Leverage for Enterprise Strategy

Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research (TEAR 2018)

Session 1 : "Let's Look at It from the Top Perspective."

Session 2 : "Let's Reconsider How We Are Doing It."

Session 3 : "Let's Interact with the Agile Ones."

Session 4 : "Let's Check the Tools Required for EAM."

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