EUROGRAPHICS Symposium on Graphics Hardware (EGGH)

Advances in Computer Graphics Hardware

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      23rd EGGH 2008: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

      22nd EGGH 2007: San Diego, California, USA

      21st EGGH 2006: Vienna, Austria

      20th EGGH 2005: Los Angeles, California, USA

      19th EGGH 2004: Grenoble, France

      18th EGGH 2003: San Diego, California, USA

      17th EGGH 2002: Saarbrücken, Germany

      16th EGGH 2001: Los Angeles, CA, USA

      15th EGGH 2000: Interlaken, Switzerland

      14th EGGH 1999: Los Angeles, CA, USA

      13th EGGH 1998: Lisbon, Portugal

      12th EGGH 1997: Los Angeles, CA, USA

      11th EGGH 1996: Maastricht, The Netherlands

      10th EGGH 1995: Maastricht, The Netherlands

      9th EGGH 1994: Oslo, Norway

      8th EGGH 1993: Barcelona, Spain

      7th EGGH 1992: Cambridge, UK

      6th EGGH 1991: Vienna, Austria

      5th EGGH 1990: Lausanne, Switzerland

      4th EGGH 1989: Hamburg, Germany

      3rd EGGH 1988: Sophia-Antipolis, France

      2nd EGGH 1987: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      1st EGGH 1986: Lisbon, Portugal

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