17. EUROCON 2017: Ohrid, Macedonia

Track 1: Information and Communication Technologies

Track 2: Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing

Track 3: Power Engineering and Energy

Track 4: Industrial and Consumer Applications

STA-1: Disruptive Technology Directions for 5G

STA-2: IoT - The Future of Smart Technologies and Intelligent Infrastructures

STA-3: Bioelectromagnetic Medicine and Bioinformatics

STA-5: Complex Networks and Systems

STA-6: Ultra High Speed Wireless and Optical Technologies for 5G Mobile Communications

STA-7: Hybrid Intelligent Systems

STA-8: Advanced Switching Based Systems

STA-8: Smart Technologies in Drives and Control

STA-10: Role and Challenges of Energy Storage in Future Electrical Grids

STA-11: Smart Technologies in Electrical Machines

STA-12: Cloud based infrastructure and platforms for Big Data

SS-1: WAMPAC - Towards future power transmission system