FedCSIS 2014: Warsaw, Poland - Position Papers

9th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications

4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications

1st Complex Events and Information Modelling

7th Workshop on Computational Optimization

7th Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms

2nd Workshop on Scalable Computing in Distributed Systems and 7th Workshop on Large Scale Computations on Grids

3rd Information Systems Education & Curricula Workshop

1st Workshop on Emerging Aspects in Information Security

3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in Network Applications, Network Systems and Web Services

3rd International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks

5th International Workshop on Advances in Business ICT

12th Conference on Advanced Information Technologies for Management

9th Conference on Information Systems Management

3rd Workshop on Information Technologies for Logistics

20th Conference on Knowledge Acquisition and Management & 2nd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management

3rd Workshop on Model Driven Approaches in System Development

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