FedCSIS 2017: Prague, Czech Republic

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Conference Keynote Papers

12th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications

AAIA Data Mining Challenge

7th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications

2nd International Workshop on AI aspects of Reasoning, Information, and Memory

7th International Workshop on Advances in Semantic Information Retrieval

11th Joint Agent-oriented Workshops in Synergy

2nd International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications

10th International Workshop on Computational Optimization

10th Workshop on Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms

4th International Conference on Cryptography and Security Systems

2nd Workshop on Constraint Programming and Operation Research Applications

10th International Symposium on Multimedia Applications and Processing

6th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages

9th Workshop on Scalable Computing

1st International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Trust

1st Workshop on Internet of Things - Enablers, Challenges and Applications