FiCloud 2014: Barcelona, Spain

Session 1A: IoT and Cloud Computing

Session 1B: Network Design and Architecture

Session 2A: Software Architecture and Middleware

Session 2B: Mobile Cloud and Network Services

Session 3A: IoT and Cloud Data Management

Session 3B: Context Awareness in Cloud and IoT

Session 4A: Security and Privacy

Session 4B: Performance Evaluation and Modelling

Session 5A: Networking and Communication Protocols

Session 5B: Machine to Machine and IoT

Session 6A: IoT and Cloud: Industrial and Business Applications

Symposia and Workshops

The International Symposium on Intercloud and IoT (ICI)

The International Symposium on Big Data Research and Innovation (BigR&I)

The International Workshop on Mobile Applications (MobiApps) and The International Symposium on Advanced Web and MobileApplications (AWMA)

Session 1: Smart Systems

Session 2: Mobile Applications and Mobile Web

The International Workshop on Energy Management for Sustainable Internet-of-Things and Cloud Computing (EMSICC)

The Eighth International Symposium on Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Networks (PMECT)

The First International Workshop on Social Networks Analysis, Management, and Security (SNAMS)

Session 1: Social Networking

Session 2: Classification Methods

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