25. FTCS 1995: Pasadena, California, USA

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A1 - System Architecture

B1 - Synthesis

C1 - Software Demonstrations I: Systems

A2 - Interactive Consistency

B2 - Validation and Test

C2 - Software Demonstrations II: Tools

A3 - Distributed Algorithms

B3 - Panel I: Dependability of Commercial Systems

A4 - Fault Injection

B4 - Self-Checking

A5 - Modeling and Evaluation

B5 - Distributed Shared Memory

A6 - Coding

B6 - Bridging Faults

C6 - Checkpointing and Recovery

A7a - Software Fault Tolerance

A7b - Robust Data Structures

B7 - Panel II: Dependability of Medical Computing

A8 - Measurement

B8 - Practical Experience Reports I: Architecture

A9 - Object-Oriented Systems

B9 - Practical Experience Reports II: Assessment

Panel Synopsis

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