GlobalSIP 2018: Anaheim, CA, USA

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GS-L.1: Image Restoration and Reconstruction

GS-L.2: Image and Video Enhancement

GS-L.3: Machine Learning for Signal Processing

GS-L.4: Localization in Wireless Networks

GS-L.5: Image-Based Quality Assessment and Performance Analysis

GS-L.6: Signal Processing Theory and Methods I

GS-L.7: Compressive Sensing and Sparsity Theory

GS-P.1: Massive MIMO

GS-P.2: Wireless Communications

GS-P.3: Speech and Audio Signal Processing

GS-P.4: Radar/Sonar/DOA Estimation

GS-P.5: Signal Processing Theory and Methods II

GS-P.6: Compressed Sensing, Sparsity Analysis and Applications

States GS-P.7: Image and Video Processing for Applications

GS-P.8: Neural Networks for Image and Video Processing

BIO-L.1: Signal Processing for Rehabilitation & Assistive Systems

BIO-L.2: Signal Processing for Wearable Health Technologies

BIO-L.3: Neural Signal Processing and BCI Systems

BIO-L.4: Bio-Signal Processing & Machine Learning for MCPS

BIO-L.5: Biomedical Image Processing I

BIO-L.6: Biomedical Image Processing II

DLW-L.1: Design and Implementation of Deep Learning for Wireless Communications

DLW-L.2: Deep-Learning-Based Signal Processing for Wireless Communications

DLW-L.3: Deep-Learning-Based Network Optimization for Wireless Communications