World Haptics Conference 2009: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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Tactile Displays 1

Haptic Modeling and Rendering 1 (Poster)

Collaboration and Control (Poster)

Tactile Displays 2 (Poster)

Haptic Device Design 1 (Poster)

Perception 1 (Poster)

Perception 2 (Poster)

Perception 3

Haptically-Enhanced Applications

Telemanipulation and Telepresence

Haptically-Enhanced Applications 2 (Poster)

Device Design and Applications (Poster)

Tactile Displays 3 (Poster)

Dynamics and Control 1 (Poster)

Human Performance 1 (Poster)

Human Performance 2 (Poster)

Demos 1

Human Performance 3

Haptic Modeling and Rendering 2

Haptic Device Design 2

Haptic Modeling and Rendering 3 (Poster)

Perception and Design (Poster)

Haptic Device Design 3 (Poster)

Dynamics and Control 2 (Poster)

Perception 4 (Poster)

Tactile Modeling (Poster)

Demos 2