International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL)

Venue Information

International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law

Artificial Intelligence and Law

17th ICAIL 2019: Montreal, QC, Canada

16th ICAIL 2017: London, UK

15th ICAIL 2015: San Diego, CA, USA

14th ICAIL 2013: Rome, Italy

13th ICAIL 2011: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

12th ICAIL 2009: Barcelona, Spain

11th ICAIL 2007: Stanford, California, USA

10th ICAIL 2005: Bologna, Italy

9th ICAIL 2003: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

8th ICAIL 2001: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

7th ICAIL 1999: Oslo, Norway

6th ICAIL 1997: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

5th ICAIL 1995: College Park, Maryland, USA

4th ICAIL 1993: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3rd ICAIL 1991: Oxford, England

2nd ICAIL 1989: Vancouver, BC, Canada

1st ICAIL 1987: Boston, MA, USA

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