ICASSP 2015: South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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AASP-L1: Microphone Array Source Localization

AASP-L2: Reverberant Signal Analysis and Decomposition for Audio and Speech Processing

AASP-L3: Single-Channel Audio Source Separation

AASP-L4: Multichannel Denoising and Dereverberation

AASP-L5: Music Information Extraction: Singing Voice and Music Structure

AASP-L6: Acoustic Event Detection and Classification

AASP-P1: Music Analysis and Synthesis I, Signal Enhancement I

AASP-P2: Source Separation I, Audio Systems

AASP-P3: Microphone Array Processing I, Fingerprinting, Watermarking

AASP-P4: Signal Enhancement II, Audio Coding

AASP-P5: Music Information Retrieval I, Source Localization and Counting

AASP-P6: Source Separation II, Spatial Audio I

AASP-P7: Microphone Array Processing II, Audio Content Analysis

AASP-P8: Music Analysis and Synthesis II, Echo Control