IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)

IEEE Computer Society

Technical Commitee on Data Engineering

From 1991 to 2005 the Workshops on Research Issues in Data Engineering (RIDE) were held in conjunction with ICDE.

37th ICDE 2021: Online Event [Chania, Greece]

36th ICDE 2020: Online Event [Dallas, TX, USA]

35th ICDE 2019: Macau, China

34th ICDE 2018: Paris, France

33rd ICDE 2017: San Diego, CA, USA

32nd ICDE 2016: Helsinki, Finland

31st ICDE 2015: Seoul, South Korea

30th ICDE 2014: Chicago, IL, USA

ICDE 2014 Home Page

29th ICDE 2013: Brisbane, Australia

ICDE 2013 Home Page

28th ICDE 2012: Washington, DC, USA

ICDE 2012 Home Page

27th ICDE 2011: Hannover, Germany

ICDE 2011 Home Page

26th ICDE 2010: Long Beach, California, USA

ICDE 2010 Home Page

25th ICDE 2009: Shanghai, China

ICDE 2009 Home Page

24th ICDE 2008: Cancun, Mexico

23rd ICDE 2007: Istanbul, Turkey

22nd ICDE 2006: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

21st ICDE 2005: Tokyo, Japan

20th ICDE 2004: Boston, MA, USA

19th ICDE 2003: Bangalore, India

18th ICDE 2002: San Jose, California, USA

17th ICDE 2001: Heidelberg, Germany

ICDE 2001 Slides / Pictures

16th ICDE 2000: San Diego, CA, USA

15th ICDE 1999: Sydney, Australia

14th ICDE 1998: Orlando, Florida, USA

13th ICDE 1997: Birmingham, U.K.

12th ICDE 1996: New Orleans, Louisiana

11th ICDE 1995: Taipei, Taiwan

10th ICDE 1994: Houston, Texas

9th ICDE 1993: Vienna, Austria

8th ICDE 1992: Tempe, Arizona

7th ICDE 1991: Kobe, Japan

6th ICDE 1990: Los Angeles, California

5th ICDE 1989: Los Angeles, California

4th ICDE 1988: Los Angeles, California

3rd ICDE 1987: Los Angeles, California

2nd ICDE 1986: Los Angeles, California

1st ICDE 1984: Los Angeles, California

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