26th ICPADS 2020: Hong Kong, SAR, China

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Session 1: Learning Algorithm

Session 2: Algorithms for Cloud Systems

Session 3: Algorithms for Networks

Session 4: Performance Prediction and Optimization

Session 5: Edge and Persistent Memory

Session 6: Federated Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Session 7: Crowd Sourcing and Parallel Acceleration

Session 8: Localization and Cross-Technology Communication

Session 9: Scheduling in Edge Environment

Session 10: Application and Security

Session 11: Edge-Cloud Performance

Session 12: Performance of Distributed Systems

Session 13: Cyber Physical Security

Session 14: AI and Distributed System Security

Session 15: Data Processing

Session 16: Resource and Data Management

Session 17: Secure and Reliable Systems

Session 18: Scheduling and Resource Management

Session 19: Federated Learning and Deep Learning

Session 20: Distributed System Design and Implementation

WorkShop Session 1: Big Data Systems

WorkShop Session 2: Edge Intelligence for Smart IoT Applications

WorkShop Session 3: Heterogeneous Multi-access Mobile Edge Computing and Applications

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