18. ICPhS 2015: Glasgow, UK

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Plenary Lectures

Phonation and voice quality

Phonetics-phonology interface and laboratory phonology

Speech production and articulatory phonetics

Sound change and speech evolution

Tone and intonation

Phonetics of first language acquisition

Forensic phonetics and speaker characteristics


Speech perception

Phonetic corpora and big data

Phonetics of Korean


Voicing Patterns

Lexical F0 and Focus

Speech Perception I

Sociophonetics I

Topics in Speech Production

Gestural Coordination

Production of Liquids

Influences on L2 Learning

Tone and Tonal Contrasts

Language Change

Phonetics-Phonology Interface I

Cross-Linguistic Comparisons

Phonetics of Celtic Languages

Clinical Phonetics: Voice and Prosody

Aspects of Rhythm

Fricatives around the World


Vowel Acoustics

Information Status