ICWS 2015: New York, NY, USA

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Research Track

Topic I: Services Composition

Research Session 1: Theory Applied to Composition

Research Session 2: QoS-Based Composition

Research Session 3: Time-Aware Composition

Research Session 4: Composition Tools

Topic II: Services Applications beyond Web

Research Session 5: Cloud Services

Research Session 6: Using Graph Analytics

Topic III: Services QoS Management

Research Session 7: QoS Management

Research Session 8: QoS Prediction

Topic IV: Services Discovery and Recommendation

Research Session 9: Service Recommendation I

Research Session 10: Service Recommendation II

Research Session 11: QoS-Based Discovery

Research Session 12: Service Discovery

Topic V: Services Security and Privacy

Research Session 13: Service Privacy

Research Session 14: Service Security

Topic VI: Service-Oriented Software Engineering

Research Session 15: Services Engineering

Topic VII: Semantic Services

Research Session 16: Semantic Web Services

Applications Track

Topic I: Service Discovery and Recommendation

Applications Session 1: Service Recommendation I

Applications Session 2: Service Recommendation II

Applications Session 3: Recommending APIs

Applications Session 4: Discovering Cloud Resources

Applications Session 5: Trust and Reputation

Topic II: Service Composition

Applications Session 6: Compositions and Mashups

Applications Session 7: Handling Large Data

Applications Session 8: QoS-Based Composition

Applications Session 9: Composition for IoT

Topic III: QoS Management

Applications Session 10: QoS in Service Composition

Applications Session 11: QoS Prediction

Topic IV: Application beyond Web

Applications Session 12: Cloud Services

Applications Session 13: Internet of Things (IoT)

Topic V: Service Software Engineering

Applications Session 14: Reliability and Fault Handling

Applications Session 15: Processes and Reuse

Short Paper Track

Short Paper Session 1: Services Discovery, Recommendation, Composition, and Management

Short Paper Session 2: Services Applications and Service Security, Privacy, and Trust

Visionary Track

Visionary Track Session

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