IPAS 2008: Chamonix, France

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PART I - Design of Micro Products

Chapter 1. Methods for Design for Micro-Assembly

Chapter 2. Methods and Solutions for Micro-Product Design

PART II - Micro-Assembly Processes and Applications

Chapter 3. Process Modelling for Micro-Assembly

Chapter 4. High Precision Packaging and Assembly Processes

Chapter 5. Micro-Assembly Applications

PART III - Gripping and Feeding Solutions for Micro-Assembly

Chapter 6. Micro-Gripping Methods and Applications

Chapter 7. High Precision Positioning and Feeding Techniques

Chapters. Micro-Metrology

PART IV - Development of Micro-Assembly Production Systems

Chapter 9. Design of Modular Reconfigurable Micro-Assembly Systems

Chapter 10. Assembly System Integration

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