PRO-VE 2016: Porto, Portugal

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Hyperconnectivity and Interoperation - Hyperconnected Systems

Hyperconnectivity and Interoperation - Managing Data and Knowledge

Hyperconnectivity and Interoperation - Networked Business Processes

Hyperconnectivity and Interoperation - Collective Intelligence and Decision Making

Co-development and Co-working - Creating Supply and Production Networks

Co-development and Co-working - Operating and Management of Networks

Co-development and Co-working - Collaborative Engineering

Advances in Production - Product-Services

Advances in Production - Intelligent Product Ecosystems

Advances in Production - Product Personalization

Services and Cloud - Service Orientation

Services and Cloud - Cloud Technology Aspects for Vos

Design Science and Business Models - Design Science Research

Design Science and Business Models - Business Models in Hyperconnected Context

Emerging Applications - Agribusiness Value Chain

Emerging Applications - Collaborative Networks in Circular Economy

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