1st IHSED 2018: Reims, France

IHSED 1: Human-Centered Design and User Experience

IHSED 1: User Interface Design Applications and Human-Systems Integration

IHSED 1: Virtual Reality and Usability Evaluation Applications

IHSED 1: Human-Machine Collaboration

IHSED 1: Design Evaluation, Learning and Assessment

IHSED 2: Innovative Materials for Product Development

IHSED 3: Systems Design and Human Diversity Applications

IHSED 3: Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent System Design

IHSED 4: Safety Engineering and Complex Systems Design

IHSED 4: Occupational Safety and Risk Assessment

IHSED 4: Transportation System Design and Safety Engineering

IHSED 4: Safety Evaluation and Ergonomic Risks

IHSED 4: Organizational and Strategic Interventions

IHSED 5: Sports Design and Sports Medicine