INCoS 2014: Salerno, Italy

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Sixth IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems - INCoS 2014

Session 1: Cloud Computing Systems

Session 2: Social Networking

Session 3: Security, Trust and Privacy I

Session 4: Semantic and Ontology Systems

Session 5: Soft Computing Methods and Applications

Session 6: Intelligent Networking Systems

Session 7: Ambient Intelligence, IoT and Agent Systems

Session 8: Collaborative and Learning Systems

Session 9: User-Centric and Enterprise Collaborative Systems

Session 10: Data Technologies and Mining

Session 11: Distributed Systems

Session 12: Game Theory and Optimization

Session 13: Trust and Trustworthiness Behavior

Session 14: Mobile and Intelligent Networking Systems

International Workshop on Information Network Design - WIND 2014

Session 1: Sustainable Network Design

Session 2: Network Traffic and Routing

Fifth International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Disaster Management - CIDM 2014

Session 1: Intelligent Tools for Disaster Management

Session 2: State-of-the-art Reviews on Risks and Threats

Fourth International Workshop on Adaptive Learning via Interactive, Collaborative and Emotional Approaches - ALICE 2014

Session 1: Collaborative and Complex e-Learning

Session 2: e-Learning Aplications and Projects

International Workshop for Collaborative e-Business Systems - IWCBS 2014

Second International WorkShop on Energy-Aware Systems, Communications and Security - EASyCoSe 2014

Session 1: Green Distributed Organizations and Monitoring Solutions

Session 2: Energy Issues in the Internet of Things and Smart Solutions

Fourth International Workshop on Cloud Computing Projects and Initiatives - CCPI 2014

Session 1: Cloud Interoperability and Federation

Session 2: Large-Scale Systems and Models

Sesssion 3: Cloud Services

First International Workshop on Technologies for Scripted Collaboration - TeSC 2014

International Workshop on Semantic Technologies in Ubiquitous, Massive and Smart Learning - STUMS 2014

Session 1: Personalized Learning and Assessment

Session 2: Smart Learning Environments

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