INCoS 2015: Taipei, Taiwan

7th International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCoS-2015)

Session 1: Intelligent Collaborative Systems

Session 2: Intelligent Networking Systems and Applications

Session 3: Networking and Software Management

Session 4: Services Systems

Session 5: Classification and Pattern Recognition

Session 6: Data Mining

Session 7: P2P and Social Networking

Session 8: Nature Inspired Algorithms

Session 9: Intelligent Sensor Networks

Session 10: Neural Networks, Clustering, Optimization, and Security

Session 11: Networking Prototcols and Content Delivery

Fifth International Workshop on Adaptive Learning via Interactive, Collaborative and Emotional Approaches (ALICE-2015)

ALICE Session 1

ALICE Session 2

International Workshop on Evolution of Social Networks (ESN-2015)

ESN Session 1: Evolutionary Networks Algorithms

ESN Session 2: Social IT Tools

International Workshop on Frontiers in Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (FINCoS-2015)

Session 1: Security, Encryption and Authentication Services

Session 2: Advanced Networking Algorithms

2015 International Workshop on Intelligent Applications for Business Productivity (IABP 2015)

Session 1: Intelligent Applications for Business Productivity

International Workshop on Semantic Technologies in Ubiquitous, Massive and Smart Learning (STUMS-2015)

STUMS Session 1: Context-ware, Seamless Learning and Frameworks

International Workshop on Information Network Design (WIND 2015)

Session 1: The Sustainable Internet

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