IPDPS 2012: Shanghai, China

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Keynote 1

Parallel Linear Algebra Algorithms I

Bioinformatics and Performance Modeling

Dynamic Pipeline and Transactional Memory Optimizations

Software Scheduling

Multicore Algorithms

Scheduling and Load Balancing Algorithms I

Scientific Applications

MPI Debugging and Performance Optimization

Parallel Graph Algorithms I

High Performance Computing Algorithms

Parallel Numerical Computation

Architecture Modeling and Scheduling

GPU-Based Computing

Keynote 2

Parallel Matrix Factorizations

Distributed Computing and Programming Models

Memory Architectures

High Performance Communication and Networking

Scheduling and Load Balancing Algorithms II

Parallel Graph Algorithms II

Data Intensive and Peer-to-Peer Computing

Disk and Memory Software Optimization

Keynote 3

Best Papers

Network Algorithms

GPU Acceleration

Interconnection Networks

Software Reliability

Communication Protocols and Benchmarking Algorithms

Parallel Algorithms

Software Performance Analysis and Optimization