9th IPPS 1995: Santa Barbara, California, USA

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Keynote Address

Session 1: Networks

Session 2: Scientific Computing 1

Session 3: Graph Algorithms

Session 4: Communication and I/O

Session 5: Non-Numveric Algorithms and Applications 1

Session 6: Partitioning and Data Distribution

Session 7: Synchronization and Scheduling

Session 8: Parallel Algorithms on Networks

Session 9: Compiler Techniques

Session 10: Parallel Architectures

Session 11: Scientific Computing 2

Session 12: Resource Management

Industrial Track: Session-1: Architectures and Instrumentation

Industrial Track: Session-2: Applications and Programming

Session 13: Routing

Session 14: Non-Numeric Algorithms and Applications 2

Session 15: Tracing and Performance Tools

Session 16: Global Operations and Clocks

Session 17: Visualization and Image Processing

Session 18: Parallel Programming

Session 19: Special Purpose Architectures

Session 20: Run-Time Support for Irregular Parallelism


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