IRI 2011: Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Session A11: Fuzzy/Evolutionary Systems

Session A12: Heuristic Optimization & Classification/Clustering

Session A21: Web Services

Session A22: Semantic Web

Session A31: Information Assurance

Session A32: Service Oriented Architecture

Session B11: Information Integration I

Session B12: Data Mining

Session B21: Information Integration II

Session B22: Software Reuse/Component Based Design

Session C11: Knowledge Extraction/Feature Selection I

Session C12: Information/Knowledge Management I

Session C21: Application/Gov/lndustry Session

Session C22: Social Media and Natural Language Processing

Session C31: Knowledge Extraction/Feature Selection II

Session C32: Information/Knowledge Management II

Session C41: Modeling and Simulation

Session C42: AI and Intelligent/Expert Systems

Session S1: Health Informatics (Special Session)

Session S2: Power & Energy + Robotics (Special Session)

Session S3: Education (Special Session)

Session SP: Poster Session

The First International Workshop on Issues & Challenges in Social Computing (WICSOC 2011)

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