18th ISQED 2017: Santa Clara, California, USA

Session 1A: Cognitive Computing on Conventional and Emerging Platforms

Session 1B: Design Opportunities and Challenges in Non-Volatile Technologies

Session 1C: A Look into Future of Circuits, Interconnects and Memory with Emerging Technology

Session 2A: Low-Power/Fault-Tolerant Memories Using Scaled Technologies

Session 2B: Design for Manufacturability and Reliability

Session P: Posters

Session 3A: Power and Timing Optimization

Session 3B: Hardware Security

Session 3C: Novel Reliability Solutions for 3D ICs

Session 4A: Lightweight Security for Internet-of-Things: Attacks, Countermeasures and Efficient Implementations

Session 4B: Design for Smart Sensors and Internet of Things

Session 4C: Innovative Energy Management for Modern Systems

Session 5A: Energy Efficient Logic Design Using Scaled Technologies

Session 5B: Synthesis and Reliability

Session 5C: Verification and Test

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