25th ISSRE 2014: Naples, Italy - Workshops

Industry Sessions

Session 1: Testing 1

Session 2: Reliability Modeling 1

Session 3: Testing 2

Session 4: Industry Best Paper Nominees

Session 5: Availability and Performance

Session 6: Reliability Modeling 2

Session 7: Model-Based Testing

Session 8: Security

Session 9: Data Management and Analysis

Session 10: Static Analysis

Session 11: Design and Planning

Session 12: Avionics

Fast Abstracts

Fast Abstracts 1

Fast Abstracts 2

Student Papers

ASSURE 2014 - Second International Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-Intensive Systems

Session 1: Principles and Techniques

Session 2: Processes and Tools

Session 3: Applications

IWPD 2014 - The Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Program Debugging

Session 1: Event Set and Trace Reduction

Session 2: Panel Discussion

Session 3: Debugging with Support for Reliability, Static Analysis, and Temporal Assertions

Session 4: Quality and Applicability of Debugging and Fault Localization

RISK 2014 - Second International Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk-Driven Testing

Session 1: Risk Analysis and Assessment

Session 2: Risk Management

Session 3: Risk Modeling and Risk-Based Testing

RSDA 2014 - Second IEEE International Workshop on Reliability and Security Data Analysis

Session 1: Vulnerability Analysis

Session 2: Security Data Mining

Session 3: Data-Driven Analysis

Session 4: Secure and Reliable Design

Session 5: Anomaly Detection

Session 6: Internet Threats and Countermeasures

WoSAR 2014 - The Sixth International Workshop on Software Aging and Rejuvenation

Keynote 1

Session 1: Rejuvenation Planning

Keynote 2

Session 2: Aging Analysis and Mitigation

WOSD 2014 - The Fourth Workshop on Open Systems Dependability

Session 1: Evolution of Assurance

Session 2: Management of Open Systems Dependability

WoSoCer 2014 - Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Software Certification

Invited Talk

Session 1: Certification Arguments

Session 2: Automotive Certification

Session 3: Certification Processes

Session 4: Tools for Dependability and Certifiability Assessment

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