IWBBIO 2013: Granada, Spain

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Text Analysis and data mining in Bioinformatics

Next Generation Sequencing (I)

Microarray Data for Disease Analysis

SNPs, Polymorphisms and Mutations

Multidisciplinary Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (Poster Session)

Data Processing and Pipelining in NGS

Next Generation Sequencing (II)

Regulation, miRNA and Motifs (I)

Regulation, miRNA and Motifs (II)

Machine Learning for Bioinformatics in the Pre/Post NGS Era

Biomedical Devices and Technologies

Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Signal/Imaging

Advanced Methodologies for Tumor Analysis

Biology Systems and Biology Processes Modelling

Disease Processes Modelling

eHealth (I)

eHealth (II)

Biomedical Engineering (I)

Biomedical Engineering (II)

Biomedical Sensors and Activity Recognition

Data Mining , Sematic and Ontologies (I)

Data Mining, Sematic and Ontologies (II)

Computational Proteomics (I)

Computational Proteomics (II)

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