IWCMC 2018: Limassol, Cyprus

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MA-1: Satellite Communications (Satellite Symposium)

MA-2: Multimedia Comm. and Networking (Multimedia Symposium)

MA-3: Clustering Mechanisms for WSNs (WSNs Symp.)

MA-4: Multimedia Information Processing (Multimedia Symposium)

MA-5: Heterogeneous Nets (Wireless Nets Symp.)

MA-6: Performance in Wireless Networks (Comm. & SP Symp.)

TM-1: Invited Papers Session

TM-2: Next Generation Networking I (NGSN Symposium)

TM-3: Network Security (Security Symposium)

TM-4: WSN-based Monitoring Systems (WSNs Symposium)

TA-1: Network Optimization & Modeling (Wireless Nets Symp.)

TA-2: e-Health (e-Health Symposium)

TA-3: MIMO (Comm. & SP Symposium)

TA-4: Resource Manag. & Analysis in VehicCommNets (Vehic. Symp.)

TA-5: Application Level Trust (Security Symposium)

TA-6: Data Analytics for Cyber Security (DACS Workshop)

TA-7: Vehicular and UAVs (General Symposium)

TA-8: IoT and Sensor networks (Wireless Nets Symp.)

WM-1: WON (WON Symp.)

WM-2: Theory and Applications for Environmental Issues (SeNTApE Work.)

WM-3: Routing Protocols for WSNs (WSNs Symposium)

WM-4: Physical Layer Security I (Security Symposium)