KES 2007: Vietri sul Mare, Italy

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Intelligent Processing

Computational Learning Methods for Unsupervised Segmentation (CLeMUS)

Computational Methods for Intelligent Neuro-Fuzzy Applications

Learning Automata and Soft Computing Techniques and Their Applications

Learning from Uncertain Data

Neural Information Processing for Data Mining

Neural Networks: Advanced Applications

Soft Computing Approach to Management Engineering

Soft Computing in Electromagnetic Applications

Intelligent Systems

Advanced Cooperative Work

Behavior Support in Advanced Learning Collaboration

Context-Aware Adaptable Systems and Their Applications

Engineered Applications of Semantic Web - SWEA

Environment Support in Advanced Learning Collaboration

Immunity-Based Systems

Interactive Visualization and Clustering

Multi-agent Systems Design, Implementation and Applications

Multimedia Systems and Their Applications Focusing on Reliable and Flexible Delivery for Integrated Multimedia (Media07)

Recommender Agents

Skill Acquisition and Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction

XML Security

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