MASS 2011: Valencia, Spain

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Session 1a: Algorithms, Protocols and Architectures

Session 1b: QoS and Resource Management

Session 2: Best Papers


Demo Papers

Session 3a: Data Gathering and Data Access

Session 3b: Mesh Networks and Vehicular Networks

Session 4a: Mobility Management

Session 4b: Security

Session 5a: Modeling, Scheduling and Performance Evaluation

Session 5b: Wireless Sensor Networks

Session 6a: Localization

Session 6b: Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Allocation

Session 6c: MAC Layer Protocols

Session 6d: Routing

Session 7a: Measurements, Experimental Systems and Test-beds

Session 7b: Data Gathering

Wireless and Sensor Network Security Workshop (WSNS 2011)

Session 1: Attack Detection

Session 2: Security in new Networks

Enabling Technologies and Standards for Wireless Mesh Networking Workshop (MeshTech 2011)

Session A: Sensor and Personal Area Networking

Session B: Access Technologies

Session C: Routing

Fourth International Workshop on Wireless Sensor, Actuator and Robot Networks (WiSARN 2011)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

International Workshop on Internet of Things Technology and Architectures (IoTech 2011)

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

International Workshop on Marine Sensors and Systems (MARSS 2011)

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

First International Workshop on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks for Public Safety Systems (WMAPS 2011)

Network Security

Data Management

Short Demo Section