International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS)

45th MFCS 2020: Prague, Czech Republic

44th MFCS 2019: Aachen, Germany

43rd MFCS 2018: Liverpool, UK

42nd MFCS 2017: Aalborg, Denmark

41st MFCS 2016: Kraków, Poland

40th MFCS 2015: Milan, Italy

39th MFCS 2014: Budapest, Hungary

38th MFCS 2013: Klosterneuburg, Austria

37th MFCS 2012: Bratislava, Slovakia

36th MFCS 2011: Warsaw, Poland

35th MFCS 2010: Brno, Czech Republic

MFCS 2010 Home Page

34th MFCS 2009: Novy Smokovec, High Tatras, Slovakia

MFCS 2009 Home Page

33rd MFCS 2008: Torun, Poland

MFCS 2008 Home Page

32nd MFCS 2007: Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic

MFCS 2007 Home Page

31st MFCS 2006: Stará Lesná, Slovakia

MFCS 2006 Home Page

30th MFCS 2005: Gdansk, Poland

29th MFCS 2004: Prague, Czech Republic

28th MFCS 2003: Bratislava, Slovak Republic

MFCS 2003 Home Page

27th MFCS 2002: Warsaw, Poland

26th MFCS 2001: Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic

MFCS 2001 Home Page

25th MFCS 2000: Bratislava, Slovakia

24th MFCS 1999: Szklarska Poreba, Poland

23rd MFCS 1998: Brno, Czech Republic

MFCS 1998 Home Page

Workshop on Concurrency: ENTCS 18

22nd MFCS 1997: Bratislava, Slovakia

MFCS 1997 Home Page

21st MFCS 1996: Cracow, Poland

20th MFCS 1995: Prague, Czech Republic

19th MFCS 1994: Kosice, Slovakia

Selected papers of MFCS'94 were published in TCS 168(1), 1996

18th MFCS 1993: Gdansk, Poland

17th MFCS 1992: Prague, Czechoslovakia

16th MFCS 1991: Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

15th MFCS 1990: Banská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia

14th MFCS 1989: Porabka-Kozubnik, Poland

13th MFCS 1988: Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia

12th MFCS 1986: Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

11th MFCS 1984: Praha, Czechoslovakia

10th MFCS 1981: Strbske Pleso, Czechoslovakia

9th MFCS 1980: Rydzyna, Poland

8th MFCS 1979: Olomouc, Czechoslovakia

7th MFCS 1978: Zakopane, Poland

6th MFCS 1977: Tatranska Lomnica, Czechoslovakia

5th MFCS 1976: Gdansk, Poland

4th MFCS 1975: Mariánské Lázne, Czechoslovakia

3rd MFCS 1974: Jadwisin near Warsaw, Poland

2nd MFCS 1973: Strbské Pleso, Czechoslovakia

1st MFCS 1972: Jablona near Warsaw, Poland

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