NBiS 2015: Taipei, Taiwan

NBiS 2015

Session 1: WSNs and MANETs

Session 2: Energy Efficient Networking

Session 3: Software Defined Networking and WMNs

Session 4: Network Algorithms and Protocols

Session 5: Mobile and Wireless Networks

Session 6: Cloud and Grid Computing

Session 7: Multimedia, Web and Internet Applications

Session 8: Network Security and Privacy

Session 9: Big Data and Data Mining

Session 10: Parallel and Intelligent Computing

Session 11: Next Generataion Networks

ADPNA 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Distributed and Parallel Systems

Session 2: Wireless Networks and Multimedia Applications

DEMoC 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Data Engineering and Mobile Computing

HETNET 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Heterogeneous Networking and Applications

INVITE 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Multimedia

Session 2: Virtual Reality

INWC 2015 Workhop

Session 1: WSANs and Multimedia Applications

Session 2: Wireless Communication Systems and Agent Technology

ISSE 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Intelligent Sensors and Smart Environments

TwCSec 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Security and Privacy

Session 2: Trustworthiness and Secure Systems

WSSM 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Resource Management

Session 2: Web Applications

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