Real-Time Databases (RTDB)

Real-Time Database Systems 2001

Kam-yiu Lam, Tei-Wei Kuo (Eds.): Real-Time Database Systems: Architecture and Techniques. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, ISBN 0-7923-7219-2

2. RTDB 1997: Burlington, Vermont, USA

Azer Bestavros, Victor Fay Wolfe (Eds.): Real-Time Database and Information Systems - Research Advances, Papers from the Second International Workshop on Real-Time Databases, RTDB'97, September 18-19, 1997, Burlington, Vermont, USA. Kluwer Academic Publishers
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RTDB'97 Home Page

1. RTDB 1996: Newport Beach, California, USA

Kwei-Jay Lin: Online-Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Real-Time Databases: Issues and Applications, March 7-8, 1996, Newport Beach, California, USA.
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RTDB'96 Home Page

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