22nd SEKE 2010: Redwood City, San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

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Machine Learning with Value-Based Software Engineering

Software Requirement Engineering

Software Validation

Interoperability and Semantic Web technologies

Software Quality Assurance

Software Measurement

Software Architectures

Software Test Automation, Practice, and Standardization

Web Services

Software Regression Testing

E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce

Software Framework and Application Tools

Knowledge Engineering

Software Maintenance and Evolution

Human-Computer Interface and Interaction

Empirical Software Engineering and Software Economics

Software Validation and Verification

Formal Methods and Modeling

Service-Oriented Architectures and Applications

Software Test Automation and Experience

Agent-Based Systems

Ontologies and Slow Intelligence Methodology

Software Vulnerability

Social Networks and Web Mining

Software Security

Software Product Lines and Tools

Knowledge Engineering Systems

Software Project Management

Software Engineering Tools and Experience Report

Agent-Based Software Engineering and Applications

Component-Based Software Engineering

Process and Project Management

Pervasive Computing and Ubiquitous Software

Software Engineering Tools and Applications