28th SEKE 2016: Redwood City, CA, USA

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Component-based Software Production

Big Data Analysis


Open Source Software Production

Agile Software Development

Big Data, Query and Management


Learning and Education

Defect Prediction and Analysis I

AI and Knowledge Engineering



Defect Prediction and Analysis II

Data Analysis and Systems

Transportation System Research & Development

Software System Development & Specification

Semantic Web and SOA

Quality Assurance I

System Architecture

Software Testing I

Machine Learning I

Cloud Computing & Services

Software Testing II

Machine Learning II

Cloud Computing & Services

Data Mining I

Software Testing III

Software Testing IV

Data Mining II

Quality Assurance II

Requirement Engineering I

Green Computing & Analysis

Project Management & Content Management

Requirement Engineering II

Web System Study & Analysis

Empirical Study & Social Network Analysis

Software Evolution

Modeling & Analysis

Software Engineering Methodology


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