21st ACM-EC 2020: Virtual Event, Hungary

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Session 1a: New Solutions in Fair Division

Session 1b: Information and Incentives

Session 1c: Equilibrium Computation

Session 2a: X: Evidence from Y

Session 2b: Games on Networks

Session 2c: Mechanism Design without Money

Session 2d: Secretaries and Prophets

Session 2e: Revenue Maximization

Session 3a: Pricing

Session 3b: Incentives in Labor Markets

Session 3c: Queues

Session 3d: Markets and Beyond

Session 4a: Computation of Fair Allocations

Session 4b: Search, Rankings, and Reviews

Session 4c: Matching Applications

Session 4d: Social Networks

Session 4e: Combinatorial Markets

Session 5a: Ridesharing

Session 5b: Bounded Rationality

Session 5c: Data and Privacy

Session 5d: Matching Theory

Session 6a: Auctions

Session 6b: Cryptocurrencies

Session 6c: Optimization

Session 7a: Social Learning

Session 7b: Fairness and Ethics

Session 7c: Optimal Auctions

Session 7d: Game-Theoretic Solution Concepts

Session 7e: Dynamic Matching

Session 8a: Social Choice

Session 8b: Econometric Methods

Session 8c: Crowdsourcing

Session 8d: Dynamic Mechanisms

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