SITIS 2007: Shanghai, China

Track IMRT (Information Management Retrieval Technology)

Multimedia Retrieval and Annotation

Data Mining

Text Retrieval

Security and Privacy

Network Data Management

New Data Types

Track WITDS (Web-Based Information Technology and Distributed Systems)

Information System Interoperability

Security Frameworks

Information Sharing

Mobile Information Management and Computing

Web Engineering/Mining/Searching and Crawling

On E-Commerce and E-Learning

On Web and Distributed Information Management

On Distributed Architectures and Algorithms

Track SIT (Signal and Image Technologies)

Image Filtering, Restoration, Enhancement

Signal Processing

Fast Algorithms and Real-Time Signal Processing

Image Processing I

Image Processing II

Color Imaging

Object and Face Recognition I

Object and Face Recognition II

Shape Matching

Learning and Classification I

Learning and Classification II

Watermark Embedding and Detection

Stereoscopic and 3D Processing

Image DataBase

Workshop: Security and Privacy in Telecommunications and Information Systems

Present Security Topics